Apr 5, 2018 · 5Star Tuning requires the Transit ECU Strategy/PCM code for a custom tune.

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Re: Speed limiter removal.

7L SCT = LiveWire TS $649.

Hi All, Sure this has been covered before, but new here, and can't find anything. . I think there is a limit set with MYKEY which can be removed with a read more.


You should be able to I did a 2010 Transit yesterday, just go into the BMC config and there should be drop down box for it; you don't need to wipe keys or anything. FAQ;. Dec 27, 2016 · If you have the MyKey option, you can change the top speed limit from 65, 70, 75, up to 80 MPH.

. Hiya guys could anyone point me in the right direction of somebody that can remove the speed limiter from my 2012 transit.

I found the "Speed.

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by lilalumo » Mon Nov 11, 2019 9:11 am. So it wont accept FF.

95 / 2015-2016 Transit 3. .

Speed limiter removal.
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It sucks, can't pass anyone, people behind get pissed , tired of people mad at me.

. Have a 2020 Transit work van. Then go down to Speed Limitation.

(2015-2016 Transit 3. Re: Ford Transit Connect 2014 speed limiter. . I am in kings lynn norfolk. I have a potential solution for those of you looking to remove the speed limit from Transit, Transit.


”. I've got ford transit connect 66 plate and new to forscan so sorry in advance.




(2015-2016 Transit 3.

Ford transit 2013 sid208 speed limiter remove.